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ONE: Bringing Simplicity Back To Financial Management And Banking

Historically, it was easy to get by with one bank account, minimal expenses, and easy-to-follow budgets. However, the advancements in modern technology and the needs of consumers have evolved, making financial management much more complex. Trying to keep up with account balances, withdrawals, bill payments, interest rates, fees, savings, and income across multiple platforms takes time and effort, and can feel exhausting.

ONE: Banking Simplified 

Luckily, opening an account with ONE can make things easier. ONE is a financial institution established in Sacramento, CA, in 2019. ONE is committed to simplifying banking and financial management for everyday consumers.

With ONE, you can reduce stress, increase savings, manage your budgets, and improve your overall financial health, without the complication of multiple platforms. Here’s how:

Link External Accounts

Are you tired of using multiple routing and account numbers or debit and credit cards to make transactions? With ONE, you can simplify this process by linking external financial accounts to your ONE account and unlocking the ability to transfer funds quickly –  typically within five business days.

Share With Others

While joint accounts can be necessary for families, they also provide others with complete access to your finances. ONE offers a more secure and convenient way to share account information and send or receive money from loved ones. ONE has developed Pockets, which are customizable sub-accounts that link to your ONE card.

You can create a Pocket for anything from savings goals to debts and share this information with other ONE account-holders. For instance, if you and your partner are saving for a house, you can create a Pocket entitled “House” and give access to your significant other. You can both review the balance, deposit funds, or use the available balance to make transactions.

Apply Your Budget

How many times have you made a budget and forgotten about it by the end of the week? Budgets help us stay on track with finances, but they’re not always easy to apply to our everyday spending. ONE’s Pockets are a practical way to ensure your expenses are covered. You can customize Pockets to match spending categories within your budget. As you receive income, you can transfer funds to the Pocket to cover each cost. That way, you reduce the risk of mistakenly spending money designated for another bill or necessity.

Save More Money

Banking customers can spend several hundred dollars a year on unnecessary fees. From deposit minimums and maintenance to transaction and overdraft fees, these expenses can eat  away at your available balance. Customers that switch to ONE can breathe easy because all products and services are offered without extra charges. You won’t ever be charged for standard banking fees and can use these savings on the things that really matter.

With ONE you can also receive some of the highest interest rates in the industry through Save or Auto-Save Pockets. The Save Pockets earn 1% APY. The Auto-Save Pocket is a unique and easy way to boost your savings. Any time you use your ONE card to complete a transaction, ONE rounds it to the nearest dollar and deposits it into the Auto-Save Pocket, where it can earn 3.00% APY.

Easy-To-Use Mobile App

It’s important to be able to access your financial accounts while on the go. ONE’s mobile banking app makes it easy to view balances, transfer funds, pay bills, manage Pockets, and deposit checks. Simply download the app to your mobile device, create an account, and you’re ready to bank anytime. You can even set notifications to let you know when there’s activity on your account for heightened security and financial management.

As everyday lifestyles change and financial obligations increase, keeping up with your money can be complicated. Why not reduce your stress, manage your finances, and simplify your life by opening a bank account with ONE? It’s a free and practical solution to keeping your finances in order.

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