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A Quick Guide to Opening a Bank Account via your Smartphone

Life does move at a fast pace. Who has time to visit a bank branch and open a new savings account in person? Thankfully, those old-fashioned errands are no longer necessary, thanks to slick mobile banking apps that let you set up secure accounts remotely in minutes.

One bank leading the digital-first revolution is IDFC FIRST with an intuitive smartphone flow for opening savings accounts pronto. Read on to learn about opening a bank account on a smartphone.

Visit the digital savings account app

Start by prominently tapping the sleek “Open Account” button in the IDFC FIRST Bank app. This launches their optimized mobile account opening flow designed for smartphone ease of use. Expect a super user-friendly interface guiding you through personal and financial questions in the most streamlined way possible. Mobile banking pairs convenience and simplicity for acing new account applications fast.

Provide Personal Details

You’ll first enter essential identity details like your active mobile number, email address, Aadhaar/VID number, and PAN card details. This allows real-time verification checks as your application processes instantly. No need to slowly fill out lengthy paper forms! Just type in key information or upload scans of items like your PAN card from your gallery.

Share Job Specifics

Next, share specifics on your employment status, income sources, and financial means. Be ready to enter your occupation, employer name, monthly salary, and any additional income. This helps IDFC FIRST assess account eligibility and offer tailored products.

Select Savings Account

With your identity and job verified, pick your preferred IDFC FIRST savings account based on usage needs and the benefits offered. Choose from basic accounts, premium accounts with more perks, salary accounts, and pension accounts. Compare minimum balances, free withdrawals, interest rates and more.

Accept Terms & Conditions

Carefully read and agree to critical account terms and conditions before proceeding. This includes banking policies, fee structures, data usage rules, dispute mechanisms and other binding legalese. Don’t gloss over just because you’re on the phone!

Verify Via Video KYC

Participate in a quick video call with an IDFC FIRST representative to complete enhanced KYC. This matches your face to Aadhaar and PAN details in real-time to confirm your identity and prevent fraud. Smile for the camera!

Fund Your New Account

The final step when opening a digital bank account entails funding it with an initial deposit. This activates the account for conducting various transactions. Customers can conveniently transfer money from existing bank accounts directly into the newly opened account via online banking or UPI apps. Depositing the first funds fully initializes account capabilities such as receiving direct deposits, setting up standing orders, issuing checks, online bill pay, and withdrawal availability at ATMs.

The Bottom Line

Opening a full bank account right from an excellent mobile app like IDFC FIRST’s is crazy fast and nowhere near as frustrating as time-sucking branch visits. Get your tap on and join modern digital banking in minutes with just a few scrolls, uploads and clicks right in your hand. Download the slick IDFC FIRST Banking app now to access next-level convenience and a stress-free system to streamline your sign-up process!

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