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Hamza Ben Badour Speaks on Building High-Performance Teams.

A strong working environment builds a company situated for growth, says Hamza.

Hamza Ben Badour knows that when it comes to creating a healthy work environment, company leaders have to make sure their culture is open to criticism. Hamza Ben Badour recently spoke about how businesses may need to shift their environment to improve employee communication with c-suite leadership. His strategic advice encourages businesses to open up their systems to increase employee feedback.

As an entrepreneur and business development leader, Hamza has spent years helping companies improve their business strategies for growth. He says a team that isn’t heard will be far less engaged—possibly disengaged—which can seriously stunt company growth. His recommendation is to open the lines of communication to avoid being blind-sighted by unheard opinions.

“When your team feels threatened by the environment, they won’t perform well,” Hamza Ben Badour goes on to say that “You may think everything is going great, only to find out that people are checked out, angry, or burned out. Ultimately, this will lead to high turnover rates or poor business practices from a team that isn’t committed to the company mission or success.”

He says that employees should be encouraged to participate on all levels. Including employee perspectives can help inform leadership with vantage points they wouldn’t typically have. Plus, when the employees feel they are part of the process, they are more like to buy into the company direction.

“Not only should employees be included and listened to, but the approach should also be an agility mindset,” Hamza Ben Badour explains. “Company leadership has to be willing (and able) to change. If the leadership isn’t willing to adapt, they will remain stuck in their ways and stunt company growth. It can be difficult to include other employee perspectives, but this should be a routine practice for businesses.”

If a company stays focused on resilience, they are looking for recovery and not an improvement. He explained that after an unexpected pandemic and worldwide changes to business practice, the mindset shouldn’t return to past days. “Those times are gone,” he says. “Leadership has to be looking forward and not trying to go back to previous policies. This is the perfect opportunity to reinvent company strategy and create teams that perform at higher levels than ever before.”

His advice for building high-performance teams starts with encouraging engagement and being prepared to act on the revelations. He says the most effective teams will often be the ones who are heard by their superiors and are allowed to help shape the working process.

Hamza Ben Badour notes that high-performing teams have to be made up of hardworking individuals committed to the company’s mission. While part of this is a natural trait, some of this comes down to their relationship with the company leadership.

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