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When To Choose A Private Lender Over A Mortgage Investment Corporation

When choosing a private lender over a mortgage investment corporation, knowing the difference between the two is vital. There are two main types of lenders when it comes to mortgages and home equity loans: private lenders and mortgage investment corporations (MICs).

  • A mortgage investment corporation, or MIC

It is a company that pools money from different investors to give out mortgages.

  • Private Lenders

Private mortgage lenders in BC are individuals or companies who lend money out themselves without using a third party.

There are a few key reasons you might choose to go with a private lender over a MIC.

  1. Speed

A private lender can often get it to you faster than a MIC when you need money quickly, and this is because a MIC has to go through a lot of red tapes before they can hand out any money.

  1. Personalization

A private lender can often offer you a more customized loan than a MIC. A MIC has to offer standardized loans to make things more efficient.

  1. Lower Rates

Private lenders often have lower interest rates than MICs. They are not as burdened by red tape and can afford to charge less interest.

  1. More flexibility

Private lenders often have more flexibility regarding things like loan terms and how the money can be used. It is because they are not as heavily regulated as MICs.

  1. Easier to qualify for

Private lenders are not as picky when it comes to who they lend money to. This is because they are not as heavily regulated as MICs, which means they have to follow specific guidelines to lend money.

  1. More personal touch

Private lenders often have a more personal touch than MICs. This is because they are not as automated as MICs and can take the time to talk to each borrower.

When choosing between private lenders in BC and a MIC, carefully weigh each option’s pros and cons. Keep in mind that there may be other factors that you need to consider. When doing your research, please keep in mind things like the individual lender’s experience and your comfort level with them.

The obvious advantage of going with a private lender is getting you the money much faster than a MIC. However, this speed comes with a price as it will often cost you more interest in the end.

When researching private lenders and mortgage investment corporations, keep in mind that each has both advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to figure out which factors are most important to you and choose the one that fits those criteria best.

When it comes to alternative mortgage investment corporations, it is also good to remember that there are always bad apples. It is crucial to do extensive research before borrowing money from any company.


When choosing between private lenders in BC and mortgage investment corporations, consider things like speed, rates, flexibility, and cost of borrowing when making your decision. There are pros and cons to each, so make sure to weigh them carefully before deciding which is suitable for you.

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