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Top Investment Opportunities for Investors in the Turkish Market


Turkey prides itself as one of the countries with the most investment opportunities for its citizens and non-citizen investors. With a staggering population of over 80 million people, the country also has a dynamic and reliable skilled workforce. However, it’s Turkey’s government-driven incentives that should attract your decision to invest there.

These incentives vary from tax exemptions and free land allocations to a business wishing to enter the Turkish market. Therefore, if you are an investor, perhaps it’s time to consider Turkish immigration and leverage your investment in the country’s appealing business environment.

Investment Opportunities in Turkey

Apart from Turkey’s appealing business environment, there are also plenty of opportunities you can look at as an investor. This varies according to the industry’s position in the market, with other sectors being more incentive-driven.

So, if you need a guide on investment opportunities available in the Turkish market, we are happy to offer you one. Here are the most profitable and reliable fields you can venture into, more so if you are a first-time investor in Turkey.

Real Estate and Construction Field

Turkey is a country under rapid population growth. This has made the construction and real estate industry lively and on upward growth. There’s more demand for housing and other infrastructural projects to serve the surging population.

Interestingly, more than half of the investment directed into this sector is from foreign investment buyers. There’s a projection this may increase, thanks to Turkey’s less strict laws to non-citizen investors.

This is so as foreign investors don’t require any residency permits to do business in Turkey. If you are a foreign investor with a huge investment, the Turkish laws grants you the right to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Information Technology

The Turkish market favors investors willing to invest in technology, such as software development, biotechnology, and Nanotechnology. This can be attributed to the great importance the Turkish government has put in research and technology development.

The availability of technology departments in most Turkish higher institutions of learning have made it easier for many investors to enter this lucrative market.  However, there are still endless opportunities and market gaps in the sector you can take advantage of as an investor.

The Natural Resources Sector

The mere fact that Turkey has a deficit of close to 150 billion USD shows how this is an important sector in the Turkish economy. It is also a sector that has a hand in almost all economic activities in the country. Perhaps this why the Turkish government has shown much interest by providing business incentives such as;

·       Exemptions for both VAT and Customs duty to investors

·       Tax discounts and government-driven interest support

As a new investor, the energy sector presents a worthy consideration when making your business investment decisions. You can benefit from investment opportunities ranging from natural gas, hydroelectric power, bioenergy, and geothermal energy.

Final Thought

Domestic and non-domestic investors’ support in the Turkish market is so far unrivaled among the current world economies. As an investor, why not take advantage and head to Turkey for a chance to diversify your investment fortunes?

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