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To Fight Homelessness, M Patrick Carroll And CARROLL Donate $250,000

When they achieve financial success, many business owners want to give back to their community, and M Patrick Carroll is no exception. As the founder and CEO of Atlanta-based real estate investment firm CARROLL, M Patrick Carroll recently made a donation of $250,000 to fight homelessness in the Atlanta area.

HOPE Atlanta Benefits from Donation

An organization that currently provides housing and meals to over 16,000 households in Atlanta and surrounding areas, HOPE Atlanta has benefitted greatly from the generosity of philanthropist M Patrick Carroll. Along with the $250,000 donation, Carroll has also committed to making annual contributions to the charity, which is sure to help even more people in the years ahead. In fact, since the COVID-19 pandemic, HOPE Atlanta has seen its requests for assistance increase by more than 300 percent.

Numerous Positive Impacts

With his donation, M Patrick Carroll has set the stage for numerous positive impacts on people’s lives in and around Atlanta. These include helping 40 veterans obtain permanent housing, allowing 80 families to have one month of emergency housing, and helping over 3,000 chronically homeless individuals obtain long-term housing.

Putting the Donation in Perspective

When a donation of this magnitude is made to an organization, it is one that becomes transformational and must be put in perspective to be truly appreciated for its impact on the community. For an organization such as HOPE Atlanta, receiving such a windfall means it can have not only the financial resources needed to help families but also the peace of mind that comes with receiving such funds. Also, it now allows staff to concentrate on other matters as well, enabling them to bring assistance to more Atlanta residents.

Carroll’s Strong Commitment to Philanthropy

As he has continued to expand CARROLL’s investment portfolio, M Patrick Carroll has never wavered from his strong commitment to philanthropy. Believing it is the responsibility of those who have much to give back to others, he actively encourages his firm’s employees to volunteer within their communities and to make financial contributions whenever possible.

Helping Other Non-Profit Organizations

Along with helping HOPE Atlanta, M Patrick Carroll has also lent a helping hand to other non-profits in Atlanta and elsewhere across the nation. For starters, he and his employees are active members of local Habitat for Humanity programs. But along with this, he also makes regular donations to food banks in the Southeast as well as in Denver and Dallas.

Empowering and Inspiring Others

Perhaps more than anything, M Patrick Carroll hopes his actions and donations will help to empower and inspire others to make Atlanta and other communities better places for residents to live. Whether it’s building a Habitat for Humanity home for a family, donating to food banks so children won’t go hungry, or helping homeless families get off the streets and into long-term housing, M Patrick Carroll is committed to helping others.

A true American success story, real estate expert M Patrick Carroll demonstrates each day that by choosing to help others, the rewards are well worth the effort.

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