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The Ideal Credit Card For Those With Little To No Previous Credit History

In today’s world dominated by credit cards, not many have heard of Jasper credit card. This is probably because it was Credit Stacks earlier. If you have no previous credit history, getting your application for a credit card approved would be tough. In such cases, Jasper credit card can provide some respite. Designed for people with little to no previous credit history, the Jasper Mastercard is easy to apply for and acquire too!

Problems faced by people with little to no credit history: In a credit-hungry world, most people need to have at least one credit card to meet anything from petty to big expenses. Since most credit card issuers offer a lot of reward points, discounts, cash backs, and other benefits, there’s always a high demand among people to get their credit card applications approved. But what if you’re a young professional with no credit history? Or someone with little credit history? It would be difficult to get hold of a credit card in such cases. Wondering why? That’s because most credit card issuers check the applicants’ credit history, including their credit score, before they approve a new credit card application.

Depending upon the card issuer and/or the country, the criteria for evaluating credit history and credit score may vary. But there are some similarities too. Usually, if you haven’t used a credit card ever, or have a credit account that has been dormant for more than a certain period, you won’t have a credit history. Even those with little credit history would find it tough to get hold of a credit card. For all these people, Jasper credit card brings new hope.

Why choose Jasper credit cards?

WebBank issues a Jasper credit card which comes with no annual fee and no security deposit. Most other credit cards available in the market for those with little or no credit history charge a steep penalty APR or have a limited credit limit. But Jasper credit card doesn’t fall in this category. With a Jasper credit card, you’ll get a 15.49% variable APR rate, no penalty APR, and a $5000 credit limit! But that’s not all. You’ll also get the benefit of paying no foreign transaction fee.

Like all other Mastercard credit cards, Jasper credit card too comes with multiple security features. These include ID theft protection, price protection, cell phone protection, and even more. Owning a Jasper credit card would also bring multiple travel benefits your way. These include (but are not limited to) travel accident insurance, lost/damaged luggage insurance, and CDW (collision damage waiver) applicable for car rentals.

Unlike a Jasper credit card, not all credit cards help you to build your credit history. However, as Jasper credit card reports to the TransUnion and Equifax credit bureaus, using a Jasper credit card would help you to build your credit history. If you have a less-than-favourable credit score, responsible use of the Jasper credit card can even help to boost your credit score!

For students or young professionals with little to no credit history, securing a credit card on favourable terms is difficult. But with Jasper credit card, you now have an option to get hold of a credit card that would meet all your needs without steep fees, penalties, and a high APR.

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