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Steps to start a blog – A Beginners Guide

It is easy to skim through different blogs from different people and find your interest. But, when it comes to starting one, you tend to get cold feet. It’s common for everyone who wants to write. Many of us tend to procrastinate when it comes to pursuing our passion, such as writing.

I was one too, for quite some time, when I wanted to write till my heart’s content and people to read it. The only thing that stopped me from achieving things was nothing but myself. I was worried about how all the software and algorithms work that I won’t catch up. However, with the comforts we have these days, it is easier done than said!

If you are also one who is hesitant to start your blog, here are some steps that can easily help you get you going. Even before you know it!

The naming

Now, this might seem a little difficult. Here you need to figure out how you want to name your blog and shape it as well. There’s a delusion that only the best writers can start a blog and become successful. That is not true! Anyone with an interest to share their story using words can start a blog.

There are various platforms for every interest out on the internet. You can choose your blog’s name depending upon your genre of writing. It can be a personal blog and share life experiences. Or the ones that talks about your passion & hobbies. Your blog name should be clear and precise so the reader can understand what they’re getting into. Check the name’s availability online. If it’s already taken then, use punctuations or use a different domain apart from .com.

Get it Online

Congratulations! you’ve successfully decided on a name. Now you’ll need to do 2 technical things to get your blog running. 

  1. Decide blogging software
  2. Choose blog hosting

Blogging software is the place where you will be writing your blogs. Readers will be visiting your website regularly to view your latest blogs. Blog hosting is nothing but the website that will host your blogs. The pictures and information you post need to be stored somewhere online. Blog hosting website helps you save your information. 

Write and publish

No matter which blogging platform you’re on, you need to explain a bit about yourself first. On terms like your background, interests and what made you start your blog. A little heads up will help the audience relate to you.

Once you finish your introduction, you can start blogging. It will need a good headline and a subject line (if you wish to add). Your content needs to be engaging and original. Get Creative by adding short videos or gifs. Please note, when using other’s content, make sure to provide the credits to avoid unpleasant circumstances. Already remember to proofread and edit your content before posting.

Boost your blog

Promoting your blog is a key component to increase your reader base. Use social media to spread awareness about your blog. Using hashtags on sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will get you further reach. Though it is like communicating to the masses all at once without knowing your target audience.

You can also reach the people individually without coming out as an intruder. Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience while having a better return on investment than any other form. Accessing professional email addresses are easier these days. Freemium Websites like GetEmail.io acts as the email extractor to fetch you as many email addresses as possible. It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account so finding the email address of the profile you are searching for becomes natural.


Once you get a hang of how technical things run, it will become easy for you to start monetizing your blogs. You can collaborate with other bloggers and engage with your visitors. Always remember to post regularly because – out of sight is out of mind.

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