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Make Your Personal Loan Application Go Smoother!

It is a common understanding today that personal loans are easy to avail and can be applied with minimal hassle. These are unsecured advances and require no asset collateral, which significantly reduces the time taken for processing. This also leads to reduced paperwork as the lending institution may ask for only a handful of documents related to the borrower’s personal and financial profile. Simple eligibility requirements only mean that most people with stable income sources can meet them with ease. And for paperwork, you can submit the documents in just a few clicks. But if you are confused about your personal loan processing, then read this article to make your loan application go smoother.


Know How to Smoothen Your Personal Loan Application Processing


  1. Look for paperless loan application options

Paperless loans are easy to avail today and make the entire loan processing uncomplicated. You can apply for a paperless loan with a dedicated personal loan app that is accessible through a simple mobile phone download and installation.

The documentation requirements for paperless instant loans are minimal and loan approval is faster due to simplified processing. You simply need to submit the soft copies of the required documents to vouch for your loan eligibility and get the loan processing started instantly. The verification process for these loans is quick as well, which brings a fast turnaround time for loan approval.

  1. Apply through a pre-approved offer

Pre-approved offers on personal loans are known to simplify financing to a great extent. These offers are mostly available for existing customers. Since in this case the lending institution has all the essential documents related to the borrower for loan processing, the loan processing hardly takes any time and the instant loan is approved right away.

To check your pre-approved offer and how much you are eligible for as personal loan, you simply need to provide your name and contact details to the lending institution. Based on the loan offer so provided, you can proceed to apply for the advance.

  1. Keep all your documents ready

Often the unavailability of adequate paperwork in the nick of time leads to a delayed loan processing and approval. It is thus ideal that you check and prepare the required documents before applying for the loan. Keep both hard and soft copies ready and complete the paperwork as and when required during the application procedure.

Ideally, for personal loans, you require to provide a handful of documents only. For instance, you may need to provide your identity and address proofs for completing the KYC. For proving income suitability and earning stability, you would be asked for bank account statements, salary slips, and employment identity card. Make sure to check with your lender all the document requirements and arrange for them accordingly. When availing the advance through a loan app, the document requirement is further reduced to hasten loan processing.

  1. Assess your repayment capacity and work on its improvement

Your repayment capacity can be a major determinant in fast approval of your personal loan. Lenders assess your repayment capacity and financial standing to check how much you should avail for better chances of timely repayment. Your repayment capacity is primarily determined by what percentage of your income is occupied by fixed liabilities and how much more it can accommodate as EMIs. For this purpose, your fixed monthly liabilities should not be more than 50% of your fixed monthly income.

Make sure to check this aspect and try to bring down your fixed liabilities. Also, when choosing a loan amount, assess the EMIs payable and how it would impact your monthly budget. Accordingly, apply for the lowest required financing amount. You can take the help of financial tools like personal loan EMI calculator and eligibility calculator to assess how much you should avail as an instant loan.

  1. Work on your credit score

For the purpose of availing a personal loan, having a high credit score is always beneficial. Your credit score is the indicator of your creditworthiness. Make sure to check your credit score before applying for the loan and work on various aspects related to it for a positive impact on your credit history. It is ideal to take these measures at least 6 months before applying for the advance so it reflects well on the score.


Before applying for your instant loan, make sure to be thorough with the application process involved and documents required. Also, do not apply for a loan with multiple lenders at the same time. You should do your research and choose the best option available for you. Applying for multiple loans can impact your credit score and may lead to loan rejection. It can be wise to apply for the advance with a personal loan app as it simplifies loan accessibility significantly.

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