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Know why credit cards are better than debit cards

Nowadays, making your transactions with cash is so old school. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that they prefer to make payments online. As a result, credit cards, debit cards and other online payment platforms are much better. Now amidst all these cards, you must be wondering which are the ones that give you an edge over the others. We think that credit cards are much better than debit cards. Why? We have listed those points below.

Credit cards help you build a good credit score

Using a credit card wisely, paying back all the remaining dues on time – these can go a long way in helping you build a good credit score. On the other hand, compare this to a regular debit card and you will see that your debit card does not affect your credit score in any way. Apply the healthy credit card user policies when you use one and make sure you build a good credit score.

Improved security

Credit cards are way safer when you compare them to debit cards. In addition, most of the credit cards offered by banks are equipped with fraud protection, which helps to keep your money safe. Also, credit cards offer an extra grade of safety since they are not linked to your savings account. There is no escape from this when you have a debit card – it is linked directly to your savings account and any money that you lose out due to fraud could be extremely hard to recover.

No need to get your bank account involved with the credit card

As we have already covered above, you will not really have to link your credit card to your bank account. The only time you might have to use your savings account would be the time when you are paying back your credit card bill. Credit cards are a means of borrowing money whenever you need it and paying it back later. However, it also does mean that you use the credit card issued to you very responsibly and ensure you only borrow amounts that you will be able to pay back. Irresponsible spending could mean that your credit card APR goes up and paying back your bills would get harder and harder.

Plenty of cashback offers

Always wanted to have cashback offers and make more savings even as you pay? Credit cards are one of the most preferred way of payments because of the vast range of benefits that they provide. In addition, with the perfect credit card, you will get lounge benefits at domestic and international airports, mobile recharge offers, reward points and plenty more.

Despite all the offers and benefits, choosing the right credit card for yourself can prove to be a challenge. After all, there are so many of these. To get the one that is tailor-made for your needs, you could analyse your lifestyle and choose accordingly.

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