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Instant Loans V/S Credit Cards: Which Is Better For You?

During emergencies wherein there arises a sudden requirement for money, such a prompt need to procure funds can be catered to by using a loan app or credit card to borrow money.

After the emergence of net banking and an increasing number of lenders going after lesser borrowers, getting fast loan with the help of various other sources has now become possible rapidly.

Generally, gold loans are a preferred option by a lot of loan seekers. They are also cheaper, wherein banks and other gold loan companies carry out the processing of papers quickly to give the borrowers the finances that they require. However, they aren’t an option for everyone.

On the other hand, personal loans are a go-to option for many. Personal loans are given out quicker, and there are also such lenders who advertise that they will get the loan disbursal process done in less than 24 hours.

In such cases where time is a constraint, opting for small loans is always a good idea instead of utilizing your credit card to fulfill any contingency. Firstly, getting a personal loan is way cheaper when compared to any form of credit card loan. Secondly, the personal loan may be of greater size than what is offered by credit card loans.

But, before considering applying for an urgent loan, you must have a solid CIBIL score. Hence, if an individual has a CIBIL score of more than 750, they can opt for a personal loan with a lower interest rate. A person having a lower credit score may also land a personal loan, but the interest rates might be higher.

The main benefit of getting an instant personal loan from a borrower’s perspective is that it is an unsecured form of loan, and the borrower is not required to pledge or even mortgage any of his assets to get funds.

In case there is an urgent requirement for money, getting a quick mobile loan can be the best option, and they are also considered to be a better option than credit cards or even getting loans from family members or friends, as the interest rate is quite affordable, and the lender is a credible organization. On the other hand, credit cards carry stringent limits or restrictions, unlike personal loans, and funds obtained from the bank in the form of a personal loan can also help with the issue of specific vendors not considering payment via credit cards.

Along with that, the credit card bills are required to be paid off within the due date, which normally falls in the upcoming month, however in the case of a personal loan, you get some pause when it comes to repayment over a period which may normally be around 3-4 years.

There are no limitations or conditions in the way in which you wish to use the money raised out of a personal loan, and it can be made use of in several ways – home repair, renovation, travel, marriage, and other medical expenses or for any other reasons according to one’s obligations.


Install a safe, secure, and reliable personal loan app and make a loan application to handle all your financial needs along with all the small or big expenses conveniently and easily.


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