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How A Clock In And Out App Can Benefit Your Non-Profit

When you think of clock in and out software, you may think of tracking labor costs and profits. The truth is there is much more to it, and it can be one of the best-added tools for a non-profit organization. This tool will help you schedule volunteers and track how much a person has been helping the organization.

A clock in and out app can help you focus on the regulations you have to follow, even as a non-profit. It can help you track daily records, and it can even help you grow your budget. As a non-profit, you may be more interested in helping, growing, and achieving your goals for the sake of others. You may not be as profit-driven as other businesses, and that is absolutely okay!

A modern clock in and out app can be crucial for a well-running non-profit, and there are some things you need to be aware of. You may be unconvinced this tool will be worth it but take out the profit-driven focus and look at all of the other benefits a time and attendance app will bring you.

Focus on Industry Regulations

Even as a non-profit, there will be regulations you have to follow. In fact, there may be more, and you need a way to track everyone’s time to make sure you are compliant with labor laws. For many states and people, there is a 100-hour cap per year. This means that they cannot exceed 100 hours of volunteer time in one year, and you need to track everyone to see when they need breaks.

A clock in and out app allows you to have complete control over a schedule and see how many hours someone has worked for the week. It keeps track of all-time acquired and can allow you to print a report on each person. Doing this by hand may cause massive mistakes that can get you in trouble even as a non-profit organization.

Track Daily Records

No matter what business you’re in, it is the law that you need to track the hours of all employees. This also includes hours of volunteers. If you are new to managing a non-profit, you may be surprised that the U.S. Department of Labor requires you to keep time cards on employees for the last three years.

Maintaining employee records by hand can be an incredibly time-consuming task and not to mention costly. A timesheet management app can be programmed to keep everyone’s information for three years at a time, and these records can be easily accessed in the event of an audit.

Grow Your Non-Profit Budget

Many nonprofits have to look at their budget, donations and understand how they can squeeze more out of their budget or grow it. One of the best ways to do this is to understand who you are paying every day, who volunteers regularly, and look at overall labor costs.

You can cut hours and ask for more help if necessary. With a team time tracking app, you can restrict hours, places, and times of people punching in and out. You can also assure no one is punching in for someone else. This makes it a valuable tool for even a non-profit organization.

No matter what type of company you run, a timekeeper app can be beneficial for many reasons. It allows you to track all volunteers and employees while saving the information for however long you need. This software can help you grow your budget and see where you may need to cut certain hours. If you are still hesitant about adopting a clock in and out app, don’t be! It can be in your best interest to adopt this software and help expand your non-profit in new ways.

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