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Heading to court? What is the best loan in Singapore for legal funds?

Fight in court. Legal battle. Terms describing the judicial process aren’t accidentally combative – court cases pit two sides against each other and there can only be one winner. Whether you are facing criminal or civil proceedings, you may need the best loan in Singapore to prevail.

In court, as it is with most things in life, the better-equipped side usually triumphs. Here, that means hiring better lawyers, having more information, securing expert testimony, and even conducting professional PR. None of these come cheap. A legal loan in Singapore could make all the difference.

Factors that affect cost

You may need to use a legal loan in Singapore to cover various costs. These are the main factors that have the biggest impact on the total cost of a case:

  • Complexity – Fighting a parking ticket is much simpler than defending a massive fraud charge from the tax department. Complex cases require much more research, planning, and effort.
  • Lawyer – A newly-graduated junior associate is much less experienced, knowledgeable, and adept than a Senior Counsel who has practised for decades. Good lawyers will charge for their expertise.
  • Duration of proceedings – Time is money and lawyers will charge you for every day in court, if not every hour. The costs for lengthy proceedings can add up quickly.
  • Expert witnesses – Expert witness testimony can help clarify matters and tilt the balance in your favour. This can include forensic crime analysts, accountants, doctors, and other scientists.
  • Filing fees – Documents concerning cases have to be formally filed to the court and can only be done by qualified legal practitioners. The costs must be paid for the case to proceed.
  • Administrative costs – Small things like photocopying can add up when they involve thousands of documents as each relevant party must be supplied with identical information.

Besides these direct costs, you may also have to pay other fees. Then, there are logistical costs such as transport to and from your lawyer’s office and to and from the courthouse, phone calls, and childcare.

Courts operate during normal office hours, which means that you will have to take time off work to attend proceedings. This will impact your income at a time when your legal fees are mounting. Will you be able to bear out the costs? To be on the safe side, you should seek out the best credit loan company.

Plan your expenses

Hollywood movies give us the impression that lawyers are completely dedicated to a client’s case and go all out to win. In reality, every private lawyer is running a business, and that business profits when it has the most clients.

The result is that each lawyer maintains as large a caseload as possible. They are juggling multiple clients, all at different stages of trial, each with different objectives, at the same time. You cannot rely on them entirely to do things for you. Wherever possible, get involved and do the research yourself.

One of the possible routes is to hire private investigators or experts even before the matter goes to court.

For example, if you took the best loan in Singapore for a new dream car but were sold a faulty vehicle, an expert mechanic’s words would be more valuable than a lawyer’s. If your expert uncovers compelling evidence before the case begins, it is even possible that the other party concedes. That could save you all the legal costs.

When a trial is unavoidable, you will have to decide how to pay your lawyer. There are three options:

  • Fixed fee Your legal team and you agree upon a fixed price for their services, regardless of the length and complexity of the case. However, they may charge additional fees for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Time-based fees Some lawyers charge a daily or an hourly fee. There may be different rates for preparation (reading of evidence) and time in court. This may be the best option when you expect the matter to be concluded quickly, and if there is very little work involved.
  • Retainer This is a deposit made in the name of the legal team that they can access as and when work is completed. It is based on an estimate of the work required and any remainder may be refunded to you when the matter concludes.

Only the best credit loan company will be able to give you the best loan in Singapore for these legal fees. Shop around before you decide.

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