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Forex trading with ADSS – 2023 review

ADSS is an award-winning forex and CFD broker located in the Middle East. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the company also has offices in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and it has a global client roster. The broker primarily utilises the MT4 trading platform, with which it has a strong partnership. The platform can be used on desktop and mobile devices, and the broker provides forex market analysis and research to help traders identify trading opportunities. ADSS caters to a range of traders – from the beginner forex trader to the institutional or advanced trader.

In this ADSS forex review, we will look at the features of ADSS as a forex broker. This includes an overview of the features it has, products offered, and support provided.

Overview of ADSS’ features

As a forex broker, ADSS provides plenty of research, analysis, and trading options for traders of all skill levels. Examples include its offering of the MT4 platform, which is the most popular forex trading platform in the industry. The ease of trading and the popularity of the platform makes it easy for traders to start trading with ADSS without a huge adjustment.

Traders can also use ADSS’ bespoke platform, where they will find intuitive charting toolsand a seamless interface. They can add custom indicators and change chart types, and they can toggle between analysis and product browsing views easily. The tools that ADSS provides through the platform include watchlists, asset class filters, and drop-down lists for deal tickets for fast and precise order entries. Users canalso discover local and global markets based on their trading preferences and portfolio needs.

ADSS also offers very competitive spreads and fees, with no commissions taken for most of its account types. It also has very clear and transparent fee structures, with MT4 Swap Points updated regularly. An example being. Information on overnight financing rates for forex CFDs can also be found on their website, as well as details on tiered margins.

For those wishing to start trading with virtual funds, they can access the ADSS demo account that will provide a free account for MT4 with US$50,000 of virtual money. Demo account traders can continue to experience live spreads and prices on a wide range of markets and currency pairs offered by ADSS, and they can access simulated trading on mobile, desktop, or tablet.

ADSS’ product offering

ADSS has a generous offering of forex-related trading products. Traders can trade currencies directly, or they can get access to trading forex CFDs. The broker offers a range of over 60 currency pairs, from major ones such as EURUSD and USDJPY to minor ones such as NZDJPY, EURGBP, and GBPJPY. ADSS clients can also trade exotic currency pairs such as USDCNH.

FX trading is subject to variable regular and overnight spreads, with trading hours being 21:02 – 20:59 GMT. Tick sizes are also variable. Forex CFDs are available with one contract representing 100,000 units of the base currency. Trade settlement is done automatically and rolled daily from Monday to Friday at 21:00 GMT.

Is ADSS licensed?

When it comes to choosing a forex broker to work with, it is essential that you ensure they are licensed and regulated. ADSS is regulated in several localities in which they operate. This includes regulation by the Securities and Commissions Authority (SCA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. ADSS clients can have peace of mind knowing their funds are kept in segregated bank accounts that the broker cannot legally have access to and use. A 128-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption also has been implemented to protect all transactions and trade execution.

Support and processes

ADSS has straightforward support and an easy funding process. Firstly, clients of the broker can get one-on-one support 24/5 through multiple ways: by phone, by filling out a form on their website, or via email. On social media, ADSS is reachable on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The funding process can be done in a variety of ways, including bank wire transfer, credit card, and digital wallets such as Neteller. All deposits must come from the account that belongs to the same client, which will be verified by the ADSS team when funding is done. This provides an extra level of security. However, it does mean that cash deposits and third-party deposits are not possible with ADSS.

ADSS does not charge any deposit fees, but traders should be aware that they may be charged a small transaction fee from third-party payment processors such as their personal bank or digital wallet company. Deposits can be done in different currencies, depending on the account and locality of the trader. All types of accounts accept USD in the funding process.


As a forex broker, ADSS offers a wide range of currency pairs available for trading. Traders can trade them the traditional way or through a forex CFD, with one contract representing 100,000 units of a base currency. ADSS also offers trading through their bespoke platform or through MT4, the latter of which is famous amongst the forex trading community and will surely be a convenient and flexible option for the seasoned trader. Beginner traders can also find market analysis on the platform, and they can utilise a free demo account to practise their trading. Overall, ADSS is a professional and award-winning broker with generous offerings, reasonable fee structures, and flexible platforms to make each trading journey as smooth as possible.

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