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FinexArena Review – Should You Consider Signing Up With FinexArena?

Are you thinking about trying out the online broker business and getting some hands-on experience with trading? Well, there are many things that you need to prepare before you get to that part. For instance, you need to choose a suitable broker. There are many options for online brokers available on the internet. You have to spend a good amount of time when reviewing and testing out brokers. I have spent countless hours doing just that so I consider myself experienced enough to guide the new traders a bit.

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I want to talk about one online broker that you should consider as your top pick. This broker provides many services for its users and accommodates the needs of new traders. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of this broker.

Convincing FinexArena Features

· Multiple Account Types

This broker provides you with options for account types to choose from. The account features differ in terms of deposits, features, and services that are available to the traders. All traders have different needs and preferences. FinexArena allows you to choose the account that best meets your requirements.

FinexArena provides a variety of different types of accounts, all of which have different benefits and features for the users. Their basic account is the silver account which is good for new traders. The minimum deposit for this account is $250 while the maximum amount that can be invested in trades is $50,000. You receive bonus equity of around 20% with this account and an interest rate of 1.5% is offered for two years. Along with that, you receive one free consultation with a personal account manager and an individual trading session with a skilled market analyst.

This gold account provides more features and services than the silver account and is more suitable for traders with some experience in trading. This account accepts a minimum deposit of $10,000 while the maximum amount that can be deposited is $100,000. The interest rate provided for this account is 2.5%. The bonus equity for gold account holders is 50%.

The platinum account is a slight update from the gold account in that the minimum deposit rate increased to $50,000 and the maximum amount that can be deposited for investments is $250,000.

This account is targeted to professional traders and the minimum deposit amount is $250,000. The maximum investment sums can range as high as $1 million. The interest rates provided by this account are the same as the platinum account which is 3.75%.

· Fixed Accounts

The fixed account option provides you with a fixed spread for trade. A spread is a difference between the purchase and sale price. With a fixed account, FinexArena is basically providing you with fixed spreads. Fixed spreads allow you to make more accurate trading decisions because the value of the asset, with these accounts, remains unchanged in the volatile trade industry.

This account provides you with interaction with account managers, competitive rates on forex, and more flexible bonuses. It offers a fixed leverage rate of 1:400, a minimum deposit of $250, and a reload deposit of $50. This account only supports the USD/EUR so all your deposits and transactions will be done using these currencies. You can use this account for trading forex, commodities, stocks, metals, and indices.

· Uncompromised Security

The security of trade accounts and client’s information need to be guaranteed by the broker. Trade accounts are involved in all the deals and transactions made by the user so there should be reliable safety features that protect the trade accounts. You have to provide a lot of personal information to the broker to register an account with them. This information is sensitive and can be used to commit identity thefts and other illegal activities. There are certain security standards that a broker needs to meet before being introduced to the online trading industry.

FinexArena fights against cybercrimes and breaches by implementing high-end encryption technologies that instantly encrypts any information that you provide to the broker. Furthermore, all means of communication are also instantly encrypted to prevent third-parties from accessing your sensitive data.

This broker is compliant with the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. These ensure that the person proves their identity by providing government-issued forms of identity like ID cards, passport, driver’s licenses, etc. You also have to provide a bank statement of your paid utility bills which should match the home address that you provided.

All of the information that you give to the broker is immediately encrypted as a security measure.

· Affiliate Program

FinexArena first launched the affiliate program as a marketing tool to promote the platform and attract more users. The main idea of the affiliate program was to work as a promotional campaign. However, over time the program became a source of income for traders and investors on the trading platform.

You receive a commission of 10% on every direct referral deposit. Here, a direct referral means a new customer that you brought to the broker through the affiliate program. Furthermore, you earn a commission of 3% on every direct referral deposit made by the client of your direct referral.

Members of the affiliate program earn monthly substantial profits by just inviting people to join FinexArena. The affiliate program is a great source of income, so if you’re looking to make more money on the side, you should consider becoming a part of this program.

Final Thoughts

FinexArena provides some very good services to its clients. Now, if you are in the process of selecting a broker for yourself, then I would seriously recommend that you consider FinexArena. You may have read many other reviews during your search for the perfect broker. The final decision is yours, and so, you are free to choose whichever broker that you find the best. You can pick this broker or continue your research or maybe even pick out a broker that you were considering to pick before. Only you know which broker will suit you better as no two traders are the same.

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