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Features of Kotak e-Invest

Savings and investments have become more important than ever today. Both of them are important assets for a healthy financial future. But simply investing anywhere is not the end goal. In fact, it can be more harmful than good. That is why Kotak e-invest provides a comprehensive space for you to make successful savings and investments. So, if you invest in Kotak e-invest, you can experience a host of benefits.

Let us start with some of the most useful features of Kotak e-invest, which is an Individual, Unit-Linked, Non-Par, Endowment Life Insurance Plan.

1. Zero Premium Allocation Charges

Generally, a portion of the premiums is deducted from our funds by any insurance company. But when you invest in Kotak e-invest, you do not have to face this hassle. There is a 100% allocation of the premiums you pay. So, whatever you are paying will be entirely invested into your funds. This is a great way to make the most value for your money and safeguard your investments.

2. Improve Fund Value

In ULIP, yearly additions to your policy can help enhance its benefits for your long-term goals. That is why now Kotak e-invest allows you to improve your fund value via yearly additions. This may begin from the end of your 6th year of the insurance policy. It can go on up to the death or your maturity. However, this is highly dependent on the plan option you scout for. In case you wish to seek more personalized details of the same, you can consult your insurance provider today.

3. Return of Mortality Charges

Generally, insurance policies charge a certain mortality fee. However, Kotak e-invest has now found a way to return that to policyholders as well. Nearly 25 to 200% of the life cover charges that are deducted for this purpose will later be added to your fund value. However, this is most likely to occur on the maturity date based on your preferred term of the policy.

4. A Variety Of Plan Options

When you invest in Kotak e-invest, you can get your hands on a handful of plan options. Each of these plan options has a different set of features and benefits to offer. But more importantly, they are all available to you at different prices. So, you can choose as per your preference and budget with no compromise. Maximiser, Rising Star, and Retire Rich are the three main plan options to choose from. So, select wisely while there is time. Also, keep in mind that the plan options you choose have their own eligibility criteria. So, select only after carefully reviewing every point.

5. Additional Protection With Riders

Kotak e-invest also avails a set of add-on rider options. These riders can be selected as per your needs for a safe experience. Kotak Accidental Death Benefit and Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit Rider are the two main types. Their features, benefits, and prices all differ. So, scout for one that you think you may need the most for your financial safety.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has goals in life to accomplish. Whether you wish to ensure your financial security, get your children married within a certain timeframe, or save money for your child’s education, it is all possible. But in order to achieve them, it is significant to make sound savings and investment choices. Kotak e-invest is here for the same.

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