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An address and e-residency as the main requirements for registering a company in Estonia

Before you think of a company registration in Estoniayou will be required to first of all complete your e-residency application and collect your reader and ID card. The whole process is one which is quite straightforward and can be completed online. Once the card is ready, you will then pick it up from the nearest embassy of Estonia or a special point of collection. That is the time when your fingerprints will be taken.

E-residency normally cost a fee of €100 which is normally more value for the money when you consider that you will be having a full access to the digital infrastructure that is advanced in the world.

Anyone who is in the world over can apply to have an e-resident of Estonia and they will be approved in most cases. But you will have to be over 18 years and not have committed any crime. Another important criteria which is followed is that the e-residents need to be either linked to the Estonia or a valid reason of wanting to use the public e-service of Estonia.

There are certain e-residents who are friends of Estonia around the world who just want to show their support but they are currently the majority who fall in the second category. If you are interested in starting a company through the e-residency, then you are included in that bracket also.

So when you get asked why you want to be an e-resident or the type of business that you want to set, you need to remember that, it is not just an exercise of tick box. You need to take it seriously as whatever answers that you make is going to be read by the border guard board and the Estonian police and they are the ones who have the main discretion of approving your application.

You need to have an Estonian address for your company

The Estonians are the type of people who like to keep things easy and simple. You will not be required to go about compiling a lot of documents or having to jump through hoops while starting your business when you are an e-resident. You have to know that, there is only one important thing that you will have to do in advance, and that is, to have an Estonia address where the company will be operating and it will be legally registered there.

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