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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Travel Insurance

When you are getting ready to go on a trip, taking travel insurance is something that you might skip. Your focus is probably on the fun activities lined up, and discussing coverage isn’t something that is considered exciting. However, in order to ensure that your trip is a hassle-free one, getting a good travel insurance plan is a must.

Of course, who would want to think of something like falling ill or losing a passport on a holiday? But it does pay off to be financially secured if any of these things do take place. This is where travel insurance can prove helpful.

So, without further ado, let us get into the specifics of what your travel insurance plan does cover. You’re definitely going to be (pleasantly) surprised.

  1. Dental emergencies

When wondering about everything that can go wrong, we usually think of everything, from hospitalisations to losing luggage. However, one important thing that many travellers do not consider is a dental emergency. Facing a dental problem abroad could prove to be quite expensive, especially if you are travelling to the USA or Europe. If you slip on the road and get a chipped tooth, you would need to see a dentist, which could be expensive. But with a good travel insurance plan, the expenses for your dental treatment would be covered.

  1. Medical emergencies

This is one of the main reasons why having a travel insurance policy is so important. Let us look at an example to understand this. If you get in an accident or suffer from a sudden illness after reaching your travel destination, there could be a lot of medical expenses. Your hospitalisation fees, outpatient treatment costs, surgery expenses, prescribed medications, and so on. Your travel insurance policy would take care of all these expenses and save you from incurring a heavy loss on your bank account. A good insurer would also provide a cashless facility so that you do not have to worry about anything before getting the required treatment.

  1. Loss of passport

While touring around a city, it is quite possible for travellers to lose things. Of course, forgetting about the little things like your phone cover or handkerchief is no big deal. However, misplacing your passport could land you in all sorts of trouble. However, this is where your travel insurance would save the day. This policy would cover the expenses for the issuance of travel documents and a new passport, so you do not have to worry about anything.

  1. Loss of baggage

Even though airlines follow a well-organised process of handling checked-in baggage, mistakes could happen. Your baggage might include something really important and this could be a big blow for you. This is where your travel insurance policy will have you covered by reimbursing you for the checked-in baggage that has been lost.

  1. Hospital daily allowance

When you are hospitalised for more than a day, there are a lot of expenses that you may incur not related to the medical treatment. A good travel insurance policy would offer daily hospital allowance for hospitalisations that are more than 48 hours. It is possible to find insurers out there that provide $30 per day for up to 20 days too.

Now that you are aware of how important a travel insurance policy is, get yours before leaving for your trip. You can get online travel insurance from an insurer’s official website too. We hope that this article has been useful, take care!

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