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4 Most Common Ecommerce Mistake You Should Avoid

Investing in an e-commerce store is the best move you can make today to earn a passive income. A user-friendly e-commerce store will make you money as you sleep, especially when it is stocked with the right products and services your customers seek.

If you are looking forward to setting up an online store, you should consider inventory management Shopify to make it hassle-free. Here are the mistakes you should always avoid when building your online store.

1 – Not Researching the Market

One of the mistakes most people make when building an e-commerce store is not researching the market widely. Building it is not enough; you want to know who exactly you are building for.

Therefore, you should dig for more information about the following:

  • Who are your target customers
  • Customer service expectations
  • Product information

You should also spend most of your time listening to customer feedback. Use the customer feedback to target more customers. Your conversion rate will increase significantly if you work on the market and target customers.

2 – Choosing the Wrong E-commerce Platform

When building an online store, you should find the best e-commerce platform to host it. Not every e-commerce platform you find is the right one for your target audience. Most e-commerce platforms will only provide basic features and give no options to advance your online store.

This makes it difficult to improve your store, for instance, when launching new products or you want to focus on a new customer segment. Other platforms also have hidden costs, making choosing a platform with a high upfront fee more expensive.

The best ecommerce platform should grow with your business and come with all the features you need to scale up. That is why you should consider inventory management Shopify when starting an e-commerce store.

3 – Not Implementing Security Features

E-commerce stores are more vulnerable to cybercrime and fraud. That is why when you set up an online store, you should ensure it has all the security features, like an SSL certificate. Most online shoppers want to feel safe sharing their credit card information and personal details on your platform.

Without the right security measures, you expose users to identity theft, phishing, and financial fraud by fraudsters. To improve security in your online store:

  • Have an SSL certificate to protect customer payments
  • Switch to HTTPS website to protect customer data
  • Install antivirus on the website to keep customer payment information safe

4 – No Social Proof on Your Online Store

Having customer testimonials and reviews on your online store is one way of increasing your conversion rate. At least 76% of customers admit they are not likely to purchase from an online store with no reviews.

Therefore, reduce abandoned carts in your store by establishing social proof and winning your customer’s trust.

Final Thoughts

When you run an e-commerce store, you should focus more on establishing social proof, security, and market research. Also, ensure you host the website with a reliable e-commerce platform to help you scale up.

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